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CRMA winner and Liberty Stone/ole recording artist Scotty James releases his new country single “Still” following his recent surge in popularity across social media in the United States.

Toronto, ON (Friday March 18) Award winning country artist Scotty James will release his highly anticipated third single off his upcoming debut album “Streets” on Friday March 18, 2016. The timing of “Still” comes shortly after Scotty James recently surged in popularity in the United States following the release of his music video “Toes” that was feverishly shared across social media networks garnering 150,000 views in just 6 weeks since its release in January 2016.

According to Johnny Ioannou, President of Liberty Stone Records, “country music fans have taken an instant loving to Scotty James bolstering his social media numbers to new heights and fuelling an unprecedented appetite to discover more about him and his music”.

Given his past commercial success which earned him a Canadian Radio Music Award in 2013, Scotty James, a new comer in country music, is on his way to becoming one of the top emerging acts in country.  His recent rise in social media popularity and the strength of his upcoming single will fuel the momentum and elevate his brand right before “Still” hits radio the week of March 21. Scotty James is thrilled about the timing of his recent rise in popularity and the release of “Still”. He says “my inbox gets flooded everyday by new fans, many first time country listeners, telling me how much they love my music and as an artist, that’s validation in a very crowded world”.

“Still” is an infectious, upbeat song about “heartache” and the crushing hurt someone feels when they are separated from a loved one whether it’s a breakup, distances apart, or an unexpected loss.  The juxtaposition twist is that this song is less about feeling sad, and more about reminiscing and holding onto the happy shared memories. This country song is rich in melody and beautifully instrumented with floor tom pulses mixed with fiddle and Scotty James’ signature soothing vocal tone. “Still” was written by Scotty James and Travis Wood and produced by multi-award winning producer Jason Barry.

“Still” will be released on Friday March 18th by Liberty Stone Records and distributed through ole. It will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital stores worldwide. “Still” is scheduled for radio release the week of March 21, 2016. Please contact Johnny Ioannou for DMDS information and radio promotion at

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