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Story Behind Streets – Roadtrip of Inspiration (PT 3/4)


When I first arrived, Caeland picked me up from the airport and the first thing he says to me when I got in the car was: “So, do you want to go to Florida tonight?” Of course I would say yes to such a spontaneous idea, so moments later, we were off on a roadtrip in his little white Jetta to Daytona Beach, Florida.

He wanted to take me somewhere I could get inspired and get my mind off of things back home. In Nashville the writing sessions are typically by appointment that last 3-4 hours long. Sometimes it’s good to break away from that and get some real life inspirations before going into scheduled writing sessions. We spent some time on the beach, going for walks, having some drinks and just had some time to detox our minds.

After a much needed getaway, we departed from sunny Daytona to Nashville to begin our writing sessions. I wrote with some great writers including Red Marlow, Neil Cotie, and Bart Butler. But my most memorable experience was when I stayed at Johnny Reid’s home in Franklin, TN.

Caeland just happened to be house-sitting for Johnny while I was there, so we stayed at his house for a week writing songs and hanging out in the beautiful Franklin countryside. Before Johnny left the house to go host the Junos, he told us to spend some time watching romantic films to get some inspiration for my song writing. We spent hours watching mostly Rachael McAdams movies including “The Notebook,” of course.

After that, we started writing again, one of the songs being ‘Toes,’ which will be my first single off the album: We wanted to write a song about a young, fun, and memorable summer date packed with adolescent romance and the feeling of jubilation. I believe we captured that “sneak out of your window at night” kind of spontaneous romantic fun. We later took the song into a session with an accomplished and talented Nashville writer James Dean Hicks, who wrote a number one song for Blake Shelton. The three of us finished off the song and couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out! I am very excited for this song to be the first single, I’ll be releasing from my new album.

Once I returned back from Nashville, we picked the seven best songs that we thought should be on the album and we started the production process. We decided that Caeland should produce these seven songs and now all we needed was a good engineer and a studio. Caeland was flying back to Canada to hit the studio so we needed to find an engineer as fast as we possibly could.


Caeland and boys in Studio(1)

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