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Story Behind Streets – Finding My Way (PT 1/4)


I wanted this album to define me as an artist and use my art to create and strengthen an emotional connection with my fans. My goal for this record “Streets” was to create a follow up album that was true to my roots, one that had even more depth and meaning than my debut EP, which included a single that hit #20 on AC Billboard.

This album and the songwriting process behind it is a reflection of my journey and growth as an artist – a coming of age: It’s like the first time you move out of home and head to college where you make new friends, define yourself as a person, and take the big stage at graduation, ready to take on the world.

When I first started the album almost two years ago, I was ready to take on the world! I will admit, I was a bit lost, but that was an important part of the process. Sadly, my father passed away due to cancer and a couple weeks before that, I also lost my agent due to cystic fibrosis. On top of personal losses, I was turned down by several major labels in North America, even though I previously hit the billboard charts as an unsigned artist with.

Even though I got great feedback from the labels, a consistent message was that I was better than the songs that I was writing at the time. They all encouraged me to start co-writing my songs and surround myself with other writers.

My manager helped to connect me with a wide range of writers, which was a journey in itself. I had to experiment a lot with different writers and producers to find a sound that was true to myself. I started out writing with some amazing writers like Todd Clark (Phillip Phillips, Goo Goo Dolls), and Juno nominee Amanda Rheaume. After several co-writing sessions, I finally understood the power of collaboration and how good songs became great songs by opening up and bring the song to a whole new emotional level.

It was only then, after contemplating long and hard about my next move and the direction I wanted to pursue, that it became clear to me that my heart was into country music, where song and co-writing is an important part of it.

The title song ‘Streets’ was the first song we chose to be on the album. I wrote it with Darelle London in her Toronto condo. We wanted to write a song about realizing you have moved on, but wanting so desperately to go back to that first love, even if it was just for a moment. Darelle and I started jamming together and the melody came very naturally:

“Can we go back to those streets, sneak out past midnight, run around town till dawn, that’s where my heart beats never had a feeling like this since we both moved on, so meet me at the high school, we’ll slow dance in the parking lot.”


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